20 slides. 15 seconds per slide. Auto-advancing.
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Enlighten us.

(But make it quick.)


Where TED talks meet Saturday Night Live skits meet that really cool block party you went to that one night.

Presented by Launch DFW, Ignite DFW is a community speaker series where individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds speak on diverse subject matters. (Yes, there is a Wikipedia page.) It started in Seattle and has spread to 350+ organizing teams. Dallas/Fort Worth is proud to produce IgniteDFW.

Each speaker is granted 5 minutes of stage time. (Heckling encouraged.) But, here’s the kicker: 20 slide maximum. On auto-advance. 15 seconds per slide. (Now you understand the heckling.)

Speakers are encouraged to speak from the heart. Each speaker applies and is selected to speak on a subject matter on which they are passionate. To note: This is not a pitch event. Speakers are not allowed to pitch their business or themselves. 



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Some example talks:

Jacqueline Twillie

Women, Work, & The Wage Gap


Art Ortiz

Empowering At Risk Teens

Alex Lujan

Screw Feedbacl


Jessica Burnham

Crowdus: A Living Prototype

Audra marie stanley

The Evolution of Education


Jeremy Gregg

Why Prisons Aren't Air Conditioned

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.
— Margaret J. Wheatley